Apple iPod touch 32 GB (3rd Generation)

In anticipation of the eventual death of my Olympus M:Robe mp3 player, I purchased the Ipod Touch (3rd gen) yesterday. So far I have found things that I really like about this device and things that I dislike about this device.

What I like: beautiful design; lightweight; relatively easy to set up and use even if, like me, U have never owned an ipod b4; energy efficient; nice graphic; passcode lock capability

What I don't like: I wish that I could multitask ie- have a Safari window open and jet over to another application with the flick of a finger and come back to Safari without having to relaunch Safari. Voice control is not all it's cracked up to be. U can't just say a command into the mic. U must push on the headphone remote or hold down the HOME button, wait for Voice Control to pop up and then say Ur command. The headphone remote is quite useful, but I see no need for Voice Control if you constantly need to push buttons anyway to activate it. While I have only used my Ipod Touch at home so far I have found it hard to keep a steady wifi signal. I am running my iPod Touch beside my MacBook and my iPod Touch cannot pick up the signal. Finally, Apple offers U the choice of a number of great Backgrounds but you can't actually use them the way you think you should be able to. Sure you can select the "Wallpaper" you would like, but it will not appear on your Home Screen. Instead it will appear only on the "Unlock" page which you will encounter every time you need to unlock the device

Overall I think that this is a beautiful device and I would probably recommend this product to a friend... with a few words of caution about the aforementioned things that I don't particularly like about the Touch at the moment.


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