Toshiba Satellite L505

I purchased this Toshiba Satellite laptop approximately one month ago and I love it. It does everything I want it to do and more. The display on the monitor is gorgeous. The keyboard is the perfect size and I absolutely love the number pad. I always said that if they would just put a number pad on a laptop that I would buy it. So I Did! I have had a few little quirks with Windows 7, software wise, but I was able to navigate through them. The webcam works well enough for what I use it for. The facial recognition software can sometimes be a bear, but for the most part works.The only think I would change about this computer is the glossy black keyboard and outer shell. It shows fingerprints like you would not believe, but I have learned to adapt. I also love the mouse. It is integrated into the keyboard surround and looks the same but it has a different texture. Overall, two very enthusiastic thumbs up and a great buy for a busy mom, college student or anyone just looking for a functional computer that is relatively inexpensive.


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