HP 2010i 20-Inch Diagonal HD Ready LCD Monitor - Black

For this size monitor, I think 1600*900 is the ideal size otherwise the text size (1920*1080) will appear too small. 

Comparing to 2009m: 
2009m is the 2009 model. it is not energy star efficient qualified. it is glossy finish. It does not have 100X100 mount. For 20$ more, I would go for 2010i. 

Comparing to Samsung 2333SW 
I also own Samsung 2333SW. Even if it is full HD, the color is so weak comparing to HP 2010i. The most important thing is that I always feel eye strain on the Samsung 2333SW. I just feel so comfortable working on the HP monitor. 

If you are looking for a budget monitor best used for online browsing, text editing, movie playing, and photo editing, this would be a great buy. 


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